Sunday, July 21, 2019

Common Grounds: Relevance

For literally billions of people in the world, coffee is how we start the day. The perfect alarm clock...our morning ritual, our aromatherapy...our "daily mug" (um er, "bread"). There is nothing like that first sip in the morning. Coffee lovers, tell me you don't just love getting that mug up to your lips, close your eyes and go: "Ahhhhh...!" And the day can begin.

The hot summer days call for iced coffee. It's not just a perfect, refreshing "pick-me-up", but so easy to make! Um, ice and coffee...there you go, enjoy! I love making it espresso-strength brew, poured over and slowly dripping over ice and sweetened condensed milk. Ahhhhh!

So that's a cone drip (first three photos). Glass with ice and sweetened condensed milk. Pour the coffee over the ice. Stir. Enjoy! (Yes, that's a chopstick. LOL)

Hot debates in the media, in politics, in our communities are always going on. My own Facebook timeline has had its share through the years, as well as on Amador Community News (ACN). It's ok...we all have our opinions on current issues. In scrolling through the thousands of posts, my question has always been:

Relevance. How is this information relevant to me? How it this relevant to me and my family, my neighbors, my community(ies)? How is this relevant to my job, my co-workers, my work environment? Algorithms aside, how do we define our individual selves on this huge planet called Earth in a vast Universe, where we are but less than a speck?

Okay, Carol...what'cha been smokin'?

We have so many influencers, trying their very best to define us. Political parties and persuasions...corporate media and groups. Drugs. Alcohol. We're bombarded minute by minute by, pressured to buy, to sell, to promote. But what works for one may not work for another or many others.

I try to look at nature as an example. Perhaps it's my Native side that has me connecting with the "birds of the air, the lilies of the field"...the fish in the stream, the squirrels in the tree...and I remember how simple life used to be. As I define myself in what I call my "Third Life", I acknowledge the lessons learned, the experiences I've gone through, the Nouns (people, places and things) of my life...and now?

I control my journey.

We all have our gifts, talents and abilities. I look back at my childhood and there are two things that shone through every light and every darkness: Music...and writing. When I was a child, my parents couldn't keep paper stocked fast enough for me. When I ran out of paper (notebooks, tablets, comp books), I used to take my crayons, pencils, pens, etc. and write stories and thoughts on the walls and shelves in my closet, under my bed, on the air vents (used to melt crayons on it, LOL). When I went off to college, my parents turned my bedroom into a guest room, and when they started remodeling, they laughed and laughed as they discovered that I had written on the window sill and whatever I was writing continued outside the window, on to the panels of the house.

I think back sometimes - at my First and Second Life - and wonder where, at certain points, lost my way. I very well know that I let the "Nouns" take over, many times...too many times. I let them influence me, control me, manipulate me, almost define me. Almost. Not quite. Some think it's because I might appear to be too naive, too compassionate, too giving. What the Nouns don't know is that I'm intently watching, listening and feeling. I am watching how you treat people, animals, families, tribes, nature. I'm listening to what you say, what you post, what you vent, what you gossip. I'm feeling how you treat and impact me and those I family, my friends and acquaintances, my co-workers.

I've actually clocked how long it takes for me to process information (after utilizing my own R&D methods), and I can safely say it takes me about 24 hours, sometimes less if I'm already knowledgeable on any certain subject. In developing my own perspectives and opinions, I always like and try to get many sides and views of an issue or story; however, truth be told...if it is not relevant to my Third life, I'm not going to dedicate very much time to it.

Because if you bring chaos into my Third Life, don't expect me to accept it, or be happy about it. Don't expect me to agree with you if you don't walk your talk. I think I've been more aware in my life now than I ever have been before...which means I will weed out the BS. You can put on a pretty face and show, but know that I'm just not much of a "joiner" these days. There has been too much hypocrisy; too many lies passed off as truth, and truth passed off as lies. I will entertain what I will. But I'm done with all of the silver tongues.

And I've been happier for it, as I forge my Third Life back home here in Wyoming. Happiness is a choice. Being a good person is a choice...and some might think they're "good", but...unless you really examine yourself, look at yourself in the mirror, step in someone else's shoes...(because no one is an island) would you really know?

I absolutely love my grand-puppy, Emma. Dogs are so innocent. They are so very trusting and loyal. The kind of person you are is reflected in them. I've known folks who abuse and neglect their animals, saying "Oh, they're just animals..."it's just a ranch/farm dog, they need to know their place..."..."stupid dog"...etcHey...I'm watching, listening and feeling you. And if you treat a dog like that, then that says volumes about the kind of person you are.

I don't know. I guess I'm just sick and tired of all the bad that's going on in the world right now. I mean, just how difficult is it to be good to each other? Be nice to each other? When I see those claiming to be "good Christian folk" being so very UN-Christian (and justifying their very UN-Christian actions) it any wonder we have our upcoming generations embracing a post-religion culture? Because they have been watching, listening and feeling, too...and they're not stupid.

What would Jesus do? Not what you're doing/saying.

I'm at a point in my Third Life where getting back to my roots, my childhood...watching, feeling and listening..has been paramount, and I feel blessed. But don't get me wrong...I'm no Molly Mormon anymore. I'm no "Jesus Freak". I'm no joiner. I might be teased for driving a Prius in Wyoming, but like I say: "It takes more balls to drive a Prius in Wyoming than your gas-guzzling truck. See you at the pumps, bitch."

Oh no! She said the "B" word!



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