Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Lights & Sirens: Pull the F!@#% over!

So a certain citizen of Fremont County has been frequently calling the ambulance station, complaining about the [ambulance] sirens. He has called several times...

Here are MY thoughts:about EMS lights and sirens:

1) Lights and sirens serve a GREAT purpose. It means, "PULL OVER"; there's an EMERGENCY, and our EMS Providers need to get through.
EMS=Emergency Medical Services.
So..just do it. PULL OVER, let them through! They may be going TO an emergency situation, or an accident where many providers and agencies might be involved...OR, they might have a patient actually in the ambulance...and they need to get to the hospital fast.
It's not for you to debate in your head...
Pull over.

2) There are many drivers out there who may be hard of hearing, or...totally and completely oblivious to their surroundings (or...for some ridiculous reason, are not either...and think it's okay to flip off and impede our EMS Providers while they are desperately trying to get to their destinations. NOT cool.)

When you call 911 and want emergency services...what obstacles do YOU want in the way of your Paramedics/EMTs? You can thank the asshole who refuses to pull over...because, seconds count. Pull over...and save the "finger" for those who deserve it. Maybe it's a deleted Facebook friend, or an ex-spouse/boy/girlfriend, or whatever, but...I don't care. It's sure not our EMS Providers, nor those who serve our County and communities...so save your crass.

3) Lights and sirens are NOT the problem. So what are the problems? Let's think about this. If there were no crime or violence...no drug/alcohol abuse...no drunk driving, no DUIs...no domestic violence...no health problems (heart attacks, stroke, diabetic comas, etc.)...no one leaving their children and pets in hot cars...no folks ignoring safety practices, in all arenas...then maybe, just MAYBE not only our EMS Providers, but our fire fighters and LEOs would be sitting around, twiddling their thumbs.

But they're not...and this isn't Mayberry. So let's think about what the real problems are in our society and communities, and quit fooling ourselves as far as pinning the blame on our local agencies...fire, police, EMS, highway patrol, state troopers...everyone who busts their asses, every day because, well...

It's their job. And they're so very overworked and so very underpaid. But you know what?

They're there for you.

So quit complaining about the"lights and sirens" and do what many more do:

Maybe say a short prayer for the people involved in the accident...in the crime, the attack, the domestic violence, the shooting, the stabbing, the stroke, the heart attack, the suicide attempt, the poisoning, the drowning, the hemorrhage, the fall, the infection, etc. etc. etc. etc. (believe me, I read them all, every day)...and be grateful that there are those out there, at all hours of the day and night, ready to serve your community.

Because of 911...


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