Saturday, June 1, 2019

History Lessons: 'Merica!

Folks and friends have asked where I stand these days on a few "political issues". I guess it's only natural that they would, given that I used to be quite vocal in the political areas.

Here's my latest "scoop":

On the abortion issue: We already have Constitutional laws in place. Roe vs Wade has been working.
Add on: Place the same requirement on men as well as women.
Men: Convicted rape/sexual assault? Jail, prison and an automatic vasectomy/castration upon sentence, according to the severity of the crime.
Women: Protect yourselves, and surround yourselves with other strong women. Oh, and clean up your lives. Quit the jobs that make you weak, afraid and desperate. You're better than that. You're strong and independent. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
I'm both pro-life and pro-choice.
Pro-Lifers: Have you dealt with the infants and children traumatized and affected by neglect, abuse and violence in today's world? If you are a product of that, I'm so very sorry. But those who put religion in the mix need to shed the hypocrisy, then maybe there can be some talk. Because believe can be a "good Christian family" that devastates and destroys children...please, don't ask me to provide proof. Google it for yourself.
Here's just ONE:
Pro-Choice: I am a firm advocate for adoption (as an adopted child myself), but I cannot speak for the women who have been faced with "The Choice". Not all women can be mothers. Not all women want to bring life into the disintegrating world we live in. This choice needs to be protected and respected.

On the gun issue: We already have Constitutional laws in place. Practice gun safety in your homes and families, your community. The problem is mental health. The problem is the family, social, community environments you believe and raise your children in.
Parents: You raise your kids to be bullies? That's on you. You raise your kids to be racist? That's on you. You raise your kids to not care about anyone or anything? That's on you. You let them play video games that involve guns, drugs and violence? That's on you.
If you want a better world...take responsibility. There's nothing wrong with owning a gun. The responsibility in using it/them is what matters. It should never have to be used. But never fault those who do and have taken responsibility for the firearms in their homes. It's a Constitutional right. Enough said.

On the drugs/cartels issue: We're not stupid. We all know, deep down, what is right and what is wrong. We take drugs to do whatever makes us think is "normal" or to escape whatever reality we're in...whatever is marketed to us as "normal"...or think what normal should be. But we know very well that NO drug can do that.
Personally...I would rather drink alcohol in celebration than in a state of despair. Can't smoke a joint (here in WY), but...if I could, I would do it for medical reasons. I have a bad hip and lower back pain. Don't think I haven't tried all medical and homeopathic options.
But...also don't think that I don't know the effects of weed. I do become so much more aware, relaxed, creative and artistic. But at the same time, I become unmotivated, less productive and complacent. I'm grateful to have a job that requires me to be me, but I very well understand the struggle for those in non-420 states who need alternative medicine, rather than synthetic options offered by Big Pharma...which is also a cartel.

On the immigration issue: We already have laws in place, but the governmental red tape is absolutely ridiculous. We have future US citizens who can greatly contribute to the US economy. Fear, ignorance and racial tactics only gridlock and greatly minimize what America is about: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We the People have the power and ability to make change. Elect officials who will truly represent you, but don't forget what it actually means to be a US Citizen. Never forget where you came from. The struggle is real, on a global basis. The World is watching us. America is not a perfect country, but...
We are free because We the People make it free. There are those who dream about that. Can you imagine? Things that we often take for granted...people actually dream about.
Like crossing US State borders without an army with machine guns pointing at you...
Or some nuclear missle from some disgruntled country ready to aim and fire...
Yeah. There's that.

On the Native American issues: Diplomacy is always a good practice, but let's not fool ourselves into thinking this is still the 17-1800s, and American Indian tribes are still ignorant of the US government's ways. Treaties were made and broken. Today is the "karma" of bad decisions made in US history. This was their land, and it was taken and exploited. In some cases, destroyed. Tribes were made extinct. You visit a reservation these days, and you may as well visit the homeless under the bridge or the barrios in suburbia.
So now, here we are. Now it's become red against white...rez gangs against communities. What exactly was expected, after all these years?
I'll tell you right a "mutt" (Native/White)...this is an explosive issue. I'm not one with an answer, but I do know the issues. And willing to be one to make a great change.

So there you have it. I know, I know...most of you think I just drink coffee and visit odd places.

But the world is real. Our home, our real. If we don't come together and think of solutions other than the warring between ourselves on the "little" things...what makes us think we'll come together on the big things? Our Midwest/Southern states are being devastated by tornadoes...the South is always being struck by hurricanes. And then, and only then do we come together.

Why? Why do we only come together in times of trouble? Shouldn't we come together in times of encouragement and progress as well?

We are all so small in this Universe...

Wind River Canyon, between Shoshoni and Thermopolis, Wyoming.
These canyons have rock that are millions, billions, trillions of years old.
If these rocks could talk.
We are so small.

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