Sunday, July 19, 2020

History Lessons: Reunions

Well, it's been a few weeks since writing...a lot has happened and has been going on in good ol' Fremont County, WY this month, despite the "'Rona". Dubois Friday Night Rodeos are still goin' on. Fourth of July happened with a "pirate parade" in downtown Lander (what pirates have to do with Independence Day, I have no idea, but yo, ho, ho and a bottle 'o rum and I suppose it's legit...I don't know, I was in Casper for a BBQ and fireworks). If Johnny Depp had shown up in full Captain Jack, I probably would've cancelled everything and made it Destination Lander. 😉

July 11 was Riverton Happy Days. This event was planned, prepped and executed within a month's time, and I am so very glad to have been a part of that committee, as I've met some very awesome, beautiful key people here in Riverton. I'm still so very bad with names, but I'm happy to say that quite a few have helped me get up to speed on the community's "dynamics". As with most small towns, there is always a certain level of political, business and social issues that might create a few bottlenecks, but for the most part, I have been very impressed by the strength and community spirit that really hasn't budged since I left over 35 years ago. Back in action, I am proud to call Riverton my home. It has and always will be home.

This weekend was the 2020 Riverton High School All Class Reunion. as well as my own Class of 1985 reunion BBQ. Busy weekend, and I'm so sorry to those I couldn't stay to chat with and reminisce, but I figured that my role was to step back and take photos for the sake of memories. So I was doing the "back and forth" thing...buying food...taking photos...prepping food...taking photos...close my eyes for a second's nap...taking photos...etc. I've now ended up with probably 500+ photos to sift through.

I think I've mentioned this before, but I don't do well in crowds. I have a certain level of anxiety that kicks in. Only I know when it does and it sets off the "red flag" alarm. Remember, I have Three Wolves...the Extrovert inside of me wants to get out and be social...the Introvert longs to be in her pajamas, comfy on the back deck watching the sun set/rise with a nice cup of coffee...and the Wolf in the middle must be a cat! LOL

I do think a lot depends on the people who presently surround me. I have several Circles of friends I thoroughly enjoy because I have a past AND present connection with them. However...there are those I didn't connect with in my Past, and they are still not in my Present. Yes, we often share our lives online...on Facebook or other social media...but it's not the same as being face to face, and "dealing". Being in my Third Life, the "ghosts" of my First and Second Lives seem quite foreign to me now...and I learned this weekend that some have really never left high school. For those I encountered, all of my Wolves just felt this strange and utter feeling of pity...and I suddenly realized why most of my classmates don't attend reunions.

So I leave, and go where I'm wanted and needed, and that's okay. Sure, I might be rustled from time to time, and then for some reason (I don't know, maybe it's just how deal with that kind of shit these days)...I'm actually quite good, because I know that those who have stuck with me through my First, Second and Third Lives will always have my back, no matter where we are in the World...and that's a great feeling to have! You know who you are...and I love you.

It's my brother's birthday today. It's also his daughter's birthday (my niece)..and it's also the birthday of my grand-daughter, Alivia. My Facebook's cover page reads a Mark Twain quote: "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why."

Those of you who have found out why have my greatest respect.

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