Sunday, January 27, 2019

Road Trippin': Gaining Altitude!

I usually take a weekend off, once (or twice) a month to get some R&R. I call it an investment in my health and well-being...sometimes I can get so wrapped up in work, in projects, in stress and worries, the drama du jour...that it doesn't take much for me to drop everything, say "no" and go!

Last weekend, I spent the weekend in Casper, visiting my coffee buddy, Cheryl. Gifted her with some beans from Brown Sugar Coffee Roastery. Spent the day a pedicure...popped some tags at a huge thrift store. That night we hopped over to the Beacon for a couple of beers, some live music and a little people-watching. Believe me, you just never know what you'll see. Next time you see me, ask me about "Festus".

South Pass was pretty clear, but there were icy spots and blowing snow across the highway. Gotta say, between Farson and Rock Springs, there was a big white Ford pickup being towed out of the ditch off the highway by a tow truck. I just slowly passed by in my little Prius, thinking:"Karma's a bitch, little man in a big truck! 😉

Onward towards Rock Springs, I saw this cloud formation a ways off, outside of Eden. Pretty cool as I got closer:

This weekend was my monthly getaway to Utah. "When in Rome..." I stay in Rivendell. Okay, okay, I lied; there's no magical wonderland of elves, it's Riverdale (and not the TV series). It was much warmer there than back here at home...I could get away without a coat, and layer up in an undershirt/sweatshirt. First priority is to get my monthly massage at The Lotus Dawn. After that, I'm pretty much free to roam! There's plenty of shopping, dining, events, lots of things to do. I usually hit Trader Joe's, Target, Ocean Mart (Asian supermarket), Ross, thrift stores...I choose from a growing list of my favorite Indian, Thai and sushi restaurants, and of course...pho!

Perhaps the most fun was going to the Pre-Opening of the trampoline park, Altitude, in West Jordan. My nephew, Cory, runs one in Texas, and he was up here helping out for the opening of this one.

More photos below, and on my [personal] Facebook wall.

I try to make it a point to swing by MountainStar Air Care's Ogden crew house for coffee and convo on my way out of town. Sometimes I miss the peeps at Guardian Flight, so it's good to get together with them whenever I can swing it. Love you, Brian and Konnie! of these days, I'll make it up to Worland for a visit again. Have the coffee on! 😉

What a great name for a trampoline park! Altitude. I think about pilots trying to gain altitude...clouds above the high plains and mountains of Wyoming...about kids, young and "older", trying to jump to reach the highest "whack-a-mole" pad. Every day brings trials and troubles that are discouraging, frustrating...way too" eye-level"...and sometimes we need a break so can rise above...gain altitude, get a better view, see the bigger picture.

These are my Sunday morning thoughts, as I scurry back to my home, sweet home. I absolutely love my weekends away, Dorothy, I will always say that there's no place like home.

Now, unpacking from all the shopping? That's another story.

Next trip? Denver in mid-February. Hit me up if you're there, let's grab a mug of joy!


Altitude Trampoline Park

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